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Tour Lautner homes April 22

The final arrangements have been made for the tour of Lautner homes to be run by Tours d’Art. The lineup:





Reiner (Silvertop)

In addition, the tour bus will drive by the Malin (chemosphere), Garcia, and Lautner residences. The tour runs all day April 22.

Because the date is so late now reservations should be made by telephone. Cost is $100, telephone no. 414-899-6450.

Download and print out the tour form, which includes all information.

Tours of Lautner buildings

The Foundation does not usually provide addresses or maps to Lautner homes, because most of the homeowners want to maintain their privacy. However, there are sources available for those interested in viewing these homes from the street. Perhaps the most helpful is this guide:

Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide, by David Gebhard and Robert Milton Winter

There are also tour companies that specialize in architectural tours:

Architecture Tours LA

Tours d’Art

And there are sites that offer more information for self-guided touring (Thank you, Martin Daoust, for these links):

Things to do in Los Angeles

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