Is Iron Man Tony Stark’s house a Lautner design??

Some people have asked about the house in the 2008 movie Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. The house does have features that look like they could have been by John Lautner. The resemblance to Lautner houses is not accidental; set designer J. Michael Riva has used Lautner homes or sets based on Lautner homes in three other films: Charlie’s Angels I and II (I -set based on chemosphere, II – Sheats-Goldstein house), and Lethal Weapon 2 (Garcia house – both real and full-size mockup).

The house in Iron Man is fictional, a great piece of movie magic. Sans Cosm, a person on Yahoo Answers, provided the definitive answer:

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Jon Favreau actually explained that the exterior shots of the house were of Point Dume with a house digitally added over it:…

The interior shots were filmed in the Playa Vista Stages on the West Side of LA:…

So the house never actually existed.

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