What do you know about Lautner’s Taliesin shelter?

Andrea Tejeda, a student at The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, is doing some research on the desert shelter that John Lautner designed, built, and lived in at Taliesin West. The shelter was destroyed some years ago and she is looking for information about it. Andrea says:

This information that I am gathering is for a project the school is working on for an exhibit later this year at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. The exhibition is based on the history of the desert shelters, since their very beginning back when the school was founded, to the present day; one of the shelters that is part of this research is the John Lautner shelter. The information we gather will also be put together and kept in our archives, something that we do not have for it has never been done before, and we feel is very important to our school.

From At Taliesin West

If you have any knowledge of this shelter from your own personal experience or that of others you know, please let Andrea know – and please let us know as well!

Write to Andrea at atejedag3 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Write to the Foundation at Lautner (at) johnlautner (dot) org

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