Little-Known Lautner in Echo Park to go on Sale


The Jules Salkin residence in Echo Park is set to go on the market, probably May 12, 2014. The house has been in the family from the beginning, but for the past 17 years was rented. The family has been unable to do all of the repairs necessary over the years, so it is a little run-down but clearly worthy of the right buyer.

Visit the website developed for the sale to see details and many photographs, including many taken at the Getty, where the present owner visited the Lautner archive and found plans and even early photographs.

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2 thoughts on “Little-Known Lautner in Echo Park to go on Sale”

  1. I see you refer to this as “Jules Salkin residence”, but I notice on the drawings it lists the owner’s name in smaller print below that. “Aaron Pepperman”, I think (it’s illegible). A Google search has turned up ( that Jules Salkin was a fellow student of Lautner’s at the Taliesin Fellowship. Do you know that indeed this was the residence of Jules Salkin, or was it simply built for him?

  2. It was built for him, sold to somebody else, who had it a short time before selling to the family that recently listed it for sale.

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