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In her own words

Yasuko Austin was recently able to lead a group of students through the Sheats-Goldstein residence. In return, she made a donation to the Foundation. Ms. Austin explains her long-term attachment to Lautner structures:

I have been always a big fan of Mr. lautner’s structures.  I met Mr. lautner at Mr. goldstein’s house once when my ex partner of mine and I were running the location company!

I have many many publication of Lautner structures.  I really wanted to purchase Wolf House from my neighbour but by the time I realize the place was for sale, it was too expensive for me to purchase.

I myself was an actress in London and I worked for  a Jaames bond movie and I always liked to hung around with the set designer…who first time told me of Lautner designs.  I remember his name…Adams?  It was 40 years ago in London.  That’s how long I know of Lautner design structures.

I became a photographic production producer after I moved to Los Angeles from London.  And I started the location company mainly catering for photo shoot…especially editorial fashion shoots.  That’s how I found Mr. Goldstein’s house and I was the first one to use the structure for fashion shoots.  Since then I have been using so many Lautner structures.  Mark is my friend who now owns the Lautner structure off Mulhholand Drive across from Chemispherer House.

I went to Acapulco and saw the structure there as well.

I have a little house in Palm springs as well and I visited all the lautner structures therre including El Rhod [Elrod] House.

So you see, how could I not pursue for the donation?

I am so happy that Mr. goldstein let me organize this Japanese architecture tour to come and visit the house.  I am so thrilled.

Well….I always remain as one of the biggest fun of Lautner, the architect.


Yasuko Austin.