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Iconic Houses Conference Features Two Lautner Homes

The Iconic Houses program at the Getty Center features the Sheats and Garcia residences, among others.  There are many activities scheduled for this month. The registration deadline is tomorrow, February 7.  There are still a few seats left. Click on the logo below for a schedule.


About the Iconic Houses Network
ICONIC HOUSES is an international network connecting architecturally significant 20th century residences open to the public as house museums. The platform focuses on conservation, management, policy, and cooperation. The website was launched November 2012 and lists more than 150 house museums worldwide. The Organizing Board consists of house museum directors Natascha Drabbe (Van Schijndel House Utrecht/Iconic Houses founder), Iveta Cerna (Villa Tugendhat), Kimberli Meyer (MAK Center) and Lynda Waggoner (Fallingwater). Explore around 150 iconic residential masterpieces around the world at www.iconichouses.org.
The Getty Conservation Institute and Getty Foundation
The Getty has a longstanding interest in modern architecture, as currently manifested through the Getty Conservation Institute’s Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI) which seeks to advance conservation practice, its companion program, the Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern grant initiative for 20th century buildings around the world, and the collections of the Getty Research Institute. Visit CMAI at http://www.getty.edu/conservation/our_projects/field_projects/cmai/ and Keeping it Modern at http://www.getty.edu/foundation/.

Lautner Panel Discussion now Online

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One of the events in the celebration of John Lautner’s birth in 2011 was a panel discussion, “Preserving Lautner’s Legacy”, held at the Wilshire Christian Church in Los Angeles. This discussion is now available on youtube, at http://youtu.be/rINak85pUzk and can be seen here as well:


The panel was hosted by The Los Angeles Conservancy and The John Lautner Foundation, with the support of the Getty Conservation Institute. Linda Dishman, Los Angeles Conservancy Executive Director, moderated the discussion. Members of the panel were:

Helena Arahuete, Principal, Lautner Associates; architect consultant to the Harvey Residence (1951); Advisor to The John Lautner Foundation
Frank Escher, board member of the John Lautner Foundation; Principal, Escher GuneWardena Architecture; architect consultant to the Malin Residence (Chemosphere) (1960); Member of the Board of Directors of The John Lautner Foundation
Mark Haddawy, current owner of the Harpel Residence (1956); Advisor to The John Lautner Foundation
Michael LaFetra, board member of Los Angeles Conservancy; current owner of the Rawlins Residence (1980); Advisor to The John Lautner Foundation
Ron Radziner, FAIA, Principal, Marmol Radziner; architect consultant to the Garcia Residence (1962)


A look at Lautner buildings in film

The 2003 documentary Los Angeles Plays Itself, by Thom Andersen, is rarely seen in theaters, apparently because of the lack of rights to various film clips in the film. But you can see the segment where Lautner buildings in film are used and misused, mainly by the bad guys and famously by Mel Gibson (for the record: no way the Garcia residence could be pulled down by a pickup truck). The segment speaks in general about the use of modern architecture in Los Angeles in film.

Thanks to Tom Hall of the Sarasota Film Festival for this link: