Models proceed apace

The models for the upcoming exhibit at the Hammer are being manufactured by Design Models of California, Inc, in El Segundo, California. The models will be built at the scale of 1″ = 1′, which is sixteen times as large as a typical (1/4″ = 1′) working architectural model. The large size allows a viewer to see into the model and more easily visualize the effect the building has on people inside. The large models were in various stages of completion when visited by the board in April.

Chad Takenaka explains aspects of the chemosphere to Chris Carr
Chad Takenaka displays the model of the chemosphere (Malin residence).

As with the restoration of models at the Getty Institute, the crew at Design Models had to make decisions along the way when constructing the large-scale models. Many copies of plans (as well as consultations with the co-curators) were used to help with these decisions.

Some of the many plans used by the model makers
Some of the many plans used in the construction of the models.

Elrod residence Looking up at the Elrod residence ceiling
The Elrod Residence. Photo on right shows view of ceiling from inside.

Arango residence
A portion of the Mar Brisa residence in process.

One additional benefit to the use of several large models all at the same scale is that visitors will be able to compare sizes of homes easily.

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