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British architecture journal connects chemosphere to Star Wars city

In the Architect’s Journal of June 15, 2009, Lautner’s chemosphere (Malin residence) is compared to one of the structures in the Star Wars films’ “cloud city”. The image of Cloud City is taken from Episode 5 of the Star Wars film series. Nine other Star Wars structures are compared to famous architectural icons on earth as well.

Thanks to Angela Zar for this catch.

A blast from the chemosphere past

Trusty researcher John Crosse has unearthed a little column from the deep, dark past. In this column, printed in the Los Angeles Times in 1960, columnist Fred Beck ruminates on possible uses for the chemosphere “concept”, and includes a sketch at the top of the column.

We don’t think he fully grasps the actual reason for the design but he’s right that the design has potential to be used in other difficult situations.

Download the column. It’s squeezed on the right side of the page, amid the ads that have some interest in themselves (look at the prices!).