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Lautner A-Z is coming!

Are you interested in purchasing the English edition of Lautner A-Z, the new book by Tycho Saariste and Jan-Richard Kikkert? It isn’t available yet but when it is you can buy it from the Foundation. To make sure you are notified when we receive the copies, please complete this simple form.

About the book:

Lautner A-Z

An Exploration of the Complete Built Work

by Jan-Richard Kikkert & Tycho Saaristewith an introduction by Alan Hess

English version to be released Spring 2019

paperback, size: 6.7 x 9.4 inch (17 x 24 cm)386 pages with aprox. 500 b&w and colour images

Publisher: ArtEZ Press

From the front flap:

The American architect John Lautner (1911-1994) was well ahead of his time. His original, unconventional and very versatile oeuvre was never repetitive. His concern for the dreams and desires of his clients, his sensitivity to the location of his buildings and his interest in the latest technical developments in were constants in his work.

Lautner blurred the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, between nature and architecture.Lautner’s oeuvre spans more than half a century, from his first independent commission in 1939 until his death in 1994. In this time period he carried out 144 of his designs, 103 of which are still standing. Most of them are located in and around Los Angeles.

Lautner’s work developed greatly throughout the years: he started off close to his mentor Frank Lloyd Wright and ended with an uninhibited, unique and personal architectural style.

This book provides an unprecedented treasury of information about all of Lautner’s built works. It is an odyssey, the story of two architects on a mission: Jan-Richard Kikkert and Tycho Saariste located, visited and described all the surviving buildings. This began with finding the correct addresses through Google Earth and ended with studying dusty rolls of drawings in owners’ attics. Each house visit is described separately, with a focus on striking architectonic elements, the locations and the clients.

Kikkert and Saariste also conducted extensive (archival) research on buildings that no longer exist and designs that were never built. The book is richly illustrated, often with photographs made specially for this book.

‘The purpose of architecture is to improve human life.’ John Lautner

‘After years of indefatigable research, Tycho and Jan-Richard’s book adds an invaluable resource for our understanding of Lautner. The contentiousness around Lautner’s work was probably inevitable, given his particular genius. For him, architecture was about finding the creative and perfect solution to the problem without concern for precedent, tradition, or fashion.’ Alan Hess

Projects list in portable document format (pdf)

The list of projects by John Lautner is still a work in progress but is gaining in accuracy every day. You can download a list in portable document format (pdf) that is current as of October 2008, prepared by Tycho Saariste, based on the research he and Jan-Richard Kikkert have undertaken since 2006. The two Dutch architects have made it their mission to visit every Lautner building (see this article by his partner in the venture). As new information is discovered the list will be updated.

Complete Projects List


* not built

List initially compiled at the direction of John Lautner by Frank Escher for John Lautner, Architect. Additions and detail notes are from various sources.

Year Client, project Location Other details
Whiting residence* Sun Valley, Idaho Transferred to Helena Arahuete, Architect, at Lautner’s death
Worchell remodel of Bell residence Los Angeles, CA Transferred to Duncan Nicholson, Architect, at Lautner’s death
Johns studio* Los Angeles, CA Terminated at Lautner’s death
Berns remodel of Jordan residence* Laguna Beach, CA Terminated at Lautner’s death
Wood residence* Malibu, CA Transferred to Helena Arahuete, Architect, at Lautner’s death
Shearing residence Coronado Cays
Friedberg-Rodman remodel of Zahn residence Los Angeles
Eicher remodel of Carling residence :Los Angeles
Marina Fine Arts store remodel Marina Del Rey
private residence California
Yokeno residence* Pacific Palisades Construction was begun but stopped soon after.
Miles Davis swimming pool* Malibu
Townsend residence* Malibu
Boykoff remodel Los Angeles
Goldstein offices Los Angeles
Goldstein remodel of Sheats residence Los Angeles Still in progress: Duncan Nicholson, Architect
Todd addition to Hancock residence Los Angeles
Walter remodel of Concannon residence* Beverly Hills
Haagen beach cabin* Malibu
Nicholas addition Beverly Hills
Roven residence* Beverly Hills
Beyer residence Malibu
Dan Stevens’ flower shop
‘Flowers That Bloom In the Spring, Tra la’
Los Angeles
Turner residence Aspen, CO
Schwimmer residence Los Angeles remodelled by new owners; Duncan Nicholson, architect
Krause residence Malibu
Zimmerman residence addition* Studio City
Celestial Arts office remodel* Millbrea
Ellersieck residence* Altadena
Lynn residence* Santa Barbara
Turner condominiums* Marina Del Rey
Crahan swimming pool Los Angeles
Rawlins residence Newport Beach
Bornstein residence* Los Angeles
Crippled Children’s Society Rehabilitation Center Woodland Hills
Segel residence Malibu, CA
Hope residence Palm Springs, CA
Aita addition for private discotheque* Los Angeles, CA
Pavilion for the Edward Dean Museum* Cherry Valley, CA
Goldsmith Residence project architect: Helena Arahuete
Aldrich remodel Los Angeles, CA
Cavalier Motel* (Dan Stevens) Los Angeles, CA
Hellinger residence* Pacific Palisades, CA
Curtiss residence* Hunting Valley, OH
Familian beach house* Malibu, CA
Starr residence* Bell Canyon, CA
Marco Wolff mountain cabin Idylwild
Burrell Ranch* Grayson County
Nature Center* Los Angeles
Nichols residence* Farmington, NM
Doumani duplex* Marina Del Rey, CA
Hurd residence* Horseshoe Bay, TX
John Lautner mountain cabin* Three Rivers, CA
Lucy residence* Horseshoe Bay, TX
Rosenthal residence* Las Vegas, NV
Arango residence Acapulco, Mexico
Jordan residence Laguna Beach, CA
Franklyn residence* Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dr. E. Little dental clinic* San Juan Capistrano, CA
Familian residence Beverly Hills, CA
Busustow cabin Lake Almanor, CA
Lueck residence* San Diego, CA
Raintree Inn for Dan Stevens* Grand Junction, CO
Garwood residence Malibu
Science building, Hilo Campus, University of Hawaii Hilo, Hawaii
Mills addition Flintridge, CA
Walstrom residence Los Angeles
HUD low-cost housing project*
Elrod residence Palm Springs, CA
Henry’s restaurant addition Glendale
Stevens residence Malibu Bay Colony, CA
Zimmerman residence Studio City, CA
Motor Inn Motel for Glenn Amundson* Glendale, CA
Laboratory and living quarters for Owens Valley Observatory, Cal Tech* Pasadena, CA
Peters residence* Thousand Oaks, CA
Robertson residence* Lake Hollywood, CA
Walker residence* Los Angeles, CA
Wolff Cabin remodel – “Windsong” Banning, CA Mountain cabin remodel
Headquarters, Marina View Heights San Juan Capistrano, CA
Harpel residence Anchorage, AK
Moser residence* Oakview, CA
Stanley Johnson residence Laguna Beach, CA
Clark residence* Los Angeles, CA
Newport Research Center* Newport Beach, CA
Rosen parking building* Los Angeles, CA
Conrad addition Fullerton, CA
Henry’s restaurant addition Alhambra, CA
Residence for Bay Cities Mortgages* Palos Verdes, CA
Bisharat residence* Los Angeles, CA
Fink residence* Los Angeles, CA
Goldsmith residence* Los Angeles, CA
Sheats residence Los Angeles, CA
Reiner residence (Silvertop) Los Angeles, CA
Wolff remodel Los Angeles, CA
Ballet school and theater* San Diego, CA
Fell residence* Beverly Hills, CA
Mann residence* Huntington Harbor, CA
Morris residence* Los Angeles, CA
Garcia residence Los Angeles, CA currently being restored by owners John McIlwee and Bill Damaschke, with architects Marmol Radziner + Associates
Henry’s restaurant addition Glendale, CA
Thiele addition to the Coneco Corporation House* Los Angeles, CA
Martel residence* Los Angeles, CA
Shusett office building* Los Angeles, CA
Preminger swimming pool Los Angeles, CA
Tolstoy residence Alta Loma, CA
Offices at 1777 N. Vine St. Los Angeles, CA
Wolff residence Hollywood, CA
Akers residence* Malibu, CA
Concannon residence Beverly Hills, CA demolished 2002
Malin residence (Chemosphere) Hollywood, CA contractor: John de la Vaux
remodelled by Frank Escher for current owner, B. Taschen, 2001
Midtown School Los Angeles, CA
Chapel of World Peace, dedicated to Dr Martin Luther King* Los Angeles, CA
Henry’s restaurant Alhambra, CA
Henry’s restaurant Santa Ana
Ernest Lautner residence Pensacola, FL
Olin office building* Claremont, CA
Glazier residence* Los Angeles, CA
Kaynar factory for K. Reiner Pico Rivera, CA
Hatherall residence Sun Valley, CA
Dolley apartments* Laguna Beach, CA
Pearlman residence* Santa Ana, CA
Sawyer residence* Los Angeles, CA
Sheanin residence* Los Angeles, CA
Lindenberg residence* Sherman Oaks, CA
Henry’s restaurant Pomona, CA
Pearlman residence Idyllwild, CA
Zahn residence Hollywood, CA
Harpel residence Hollywood, CA Originally one-story, JL “approved” a 2nd story addn by original owner (did not design it). A part of the carport was later enclosed to create another bedroom.

New owner Mark Haddawy removed second level and restored remainder of house: 2006-07

Seletz studio Los Angeles, CA
Speer contractors office building Los Angeles, CA
Crenshaw Methodist Church* Los Angeles, CA
Baldwin residence Los Angeles, CA
Henry’s restaurant addition Arcadia, CA
Beachwood market Hollywood, CA
Coneco Corporation House Los Angeles, CA
Fischer residence Los Angeles, CA
Lek remodel Studio City, CA
Deutsch residence Hollywood, CA
Bergren residence Hollywood, CA
Henry’s restaurant remodel Pasadena, CA
Payne addition San Dimas, CA
Tyler residence Studio City, CA
Leipziger remodel* Beverly Hills, CA
Pittenger residence* Los Angeles, CA
Carr residence Los Angeles, CA
Gootgeld residence Beverly Hills, CA
Howe residence Los Angeles, CA
Williams residence Hollywood, CA
Ewing residence* Los Angeles, CA
Baxter-Hodiak remodel Los Angeles, CA
Bick residence Brentwood, CA
Evans and Reeves exhibition stand Los Angeles, CA
Lippett remodel Los Angeles, CA
Alexander residence Long Beach, CA
Foster residence Sherman Oaks, CA
Harvey residence Los Angeles, CA contractor: John de la Vaux
restored by Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer, Helena Arahuete, architect
Shusett residence Beverly Hills, CA
Monroe residence* Los Angeles, CA
Noerdlinger residence* Playa Del Rey, CA
Dahlstrom residence Pasadena, CA
Googies Coffee House Los Angeles, CA
UPA Studios Burbank, CA
Schaffer residence Montrose, CA
Brooks addition* Studio City, CA
Lincoln Mercury showroom Glendale, CA
Sheats apartments (L’Horizon) Los Angeles, CA
Valley Escrow offices Sherman Oaks, CA
Abbot apartments* Los Angeles, CA
William Adams residence* Pasadena, CA
Ferber residence* Altadena, CA
Mayer residence* Pacific Palisades, CA
Ross residence* Los Angeles, CA
Stiff residence* Los Angeles, CA
Carling residence Los Angeles, CA
Desert Hot Springs Motel Desert Hot Springs, CA purchased by Steve Lowe in 2000. Restored by Lowe and reopened as motel in 2001; for sale by heirs of Steve Lowe in 2007
Gantvoort residence Flintridge, CA
Henry’s restaurant Glendale, CA
Jacobson residence Hollywood, CA
Polin residence Hollywood, CA
Eisele ski cabin Big Bear, CA
Eisele guest house Los Angeles, CA Under restoration to essentially original condition by James Rigler in 2007
Mauer residence Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles historical residence (Monument no. 481)
Darrow office building Beverly Hills, CA
Hancock residence Los Angeles, CA
Weinstein remodel Los Angeles, CA
Astor farm Indio, CA
Lautner residence Los Angeles, CA
Bell residence Los Angeles, CA
Springer residence Los Angeles, CA