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Films and television programs featuring Lautner buildings

Both Lautner Docs to Screen in Netherlands

Both The Spirit in Architecture: John Lautner and Infinite Space , documentaries on John Lautner’s work, will screen at a theater in Enschede, The Netherlands, on November 27, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. The films will be introduced  and discussed by Bette Cohen, director and producer of The Spirit in Architecture, and Jan-Richard Kikkert, Dutch architect who has visited and recorded information on almost every Lautner building in existence, who recently traveled to Marquette, Michigan, to lecture on Lautner.

See more information on the film screenings at

Charlottesville’s Architecture Week Features Lautner Films

This year the Central Virginia chapter of the American Institute of Architects will celebrate John Lautner’s birthday during its “Architecture Week” with the screening of the two Lautner documentaries: The Spirit in Architecture: John Lautner and Infinite Space: the Architecture of John Lautner.

The Spirit in Architecture will screen April 25, and Infinite Space will screen April 26.  See details on the Architecture Week website.

Infinite Space: Purchase Here

Cover of Infinite Space DVD


By agreement with the Googie Company, the Foundation is delighted to offer the DVD of Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner.

Infinite Space, a new documentary feature film, traces the lifelong quest of visionary genius John Lautner to create “architecture that has no beginning and no end.”  It is the story of brilliance and of a complicated life – and the most sensual architecture of the 20th century. (90 minutes)


Architect/editor Frank Escher comments on eight spatial portraits of Lautner masterpieces: Marbrisa, Elrod, Pearlman, Walstrom, Turner, Silvertop, Schaffer and the Chemosphere. (3-6 minutes each)

Director Murray Grigor shares his thoughts on filming INFINITE SPACE with clips from the feature. (12 minutes)

Donation each: $25

Shipping: $4 ($15 outside U.S.)

Purchase from the JLF Shop.

San Francisco Interview with Grigor on Lautner

Kenny Caldwell, architectural writer, interviewed Murray Grigor, director of Infinite Space, after the screening of the film in San Francisco. The interview, with pictures, is published on one of Caldwell’s blogs, Design Faith. The perceptive questions reveal much about Lautner’s relationship to the earth and to his clients as well as offer insight into the making of the film.

Infinite Space Screened on Major Television in Australia

The newest documentary on John Lautner, Infinite Space, was shown on a major television channel (ABC) July 18, 2010. You can read the description on the station’s website. The entire film can be seen online at, but only by persons in Australia, and only until July 23.

Thanks to Dujon Zivic from Australia for this information, and thanks to the many people who wrote to the Foundation after seeing the film there.

See Spirit in Architecture with Panel Discussion

On July 31 the Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter, will screen Bette Cohen’s The Spirit in Architecture: John Lautner, and present a panel discussion about the film. The panel will include Cohen, film co-writer Tom Marble, co-producer Evelyn Wendell, architectural historian Alan Hess, and Lautner scholar Jon Yoder.

Read about the presentation and the panel members on the SAH-SCC website. Tickets will be free for students, $15 for SAH-SCC members, and $30 for non-members.

The Annotated Bibliography: bio and biblio in one

excerpt from Cover of annotated bibliography
excerpt from cover

John Crosse, retired environmental engineer, has a penchant for research and a gift for doing it well. Because of his interest in architectural history, particularly in southern California, he offered to create an annotated bibliography of publications on the work of John Lautner. And now he is sharing it with all of us.

Crosse’s bibliography includes many photographs from the publications he includes, as well as significant events in the life of John Lautner, so that one can track projects, clients, and other events along with the publicity given to his work.

Read Crosse’s introduction on his website and download the bibliography yourself:

You might also want to visit his facebook page (the link is on his site) and add him as a friend to keep track of his many activities.