Your membership in the Foundation gives you certain privileges. More than that, though, it gives the Foundation the means to present educational events, to assist students and others in learning about Lautner’s work, to help preserve Lautner’s work and to assist some owners in maintaining and remodeling Lautner buildings.

Membership levels

Memberships are processed through our account with registration process gives you the option to renew automatically (or not, in which case you will be sent a reminder about a month before your membership expires), and when the Foundation hosts future events, members in the regonline system will automatically be given a discount for the event.

Category Yearly Cost Benefits
Student 30.00 Discounts on items for sale, events
Individual 50.00 Newsletter, discounts
Couple 85.00 Newsletter, discounts
Patron 75.00 Newsletter, discounts, gift item
Founder 300.00 Newsletter, discounts, gift item, one event or tour
Lifetime member 1000.00 Newsletter, discounts, gift item, one event/year (when offered)
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or print out the membership form, fill it in, and send it in with your check.

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Get on the mailing list

When you sign up for the Foundation mailing list, you will receive email newsletters and occasionally letters from the Board of Directors.

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Our Members

The Foundation depends on your support. We have no paid employees, but we pay for certain contract services, including bookkeeping, accounting, and occasionally some clerical work. The following persons have generously supported the Foundation through membership since we first offered memberships:

Couple Bartalos, Gabe
Couple Beckmann, Tracy
Couple Boli, Peter and Jill
Couple Childs, Diane
Couple Gage, Rob
Couple Gasowski, Jacquelynn
Couple Hoyos, Luis
Couple Lemlein, Carol
Couple Levenstein, Lawrence and Susan
Couple Lucaire, Laurin
Couple Penrith, Alex
Couple Roth, Ernie
Couple Scrafano, Elissa
Couple Shelley, Scott
Couple Thorpe, Dorothy
Couple Voorhees, Bert
Couple Williams, Harry
Couple Wood, Page
Founder Cunningham, Wallace
Founder Harbert, Norman
Founder Kikkert, Jan-Richard
Founder Meyler, Catherine
Founder Schapa, Eleanor
Individual Enns, Phil
Individual Fenton, Bonnie
Individual Frochtzwajg, Harry
Individual Gilman, Charles
Individual Hooper, Marjorie
Individual Hoyos, Luis
Individual Hrie, Michael
Individual Hue, Cathy
Individual Jegouzo, Thierry
Individual Johnson, Kyle
Individual Kahn-Boykoff, Beatrice
Individual Kelly, Austin
Individual Kinder, Theodora
Individual Lawson, Warren
Individual Leatherman, Don
Individual Levine, Joel
Individual Lopez, Elaine
Individual Manganiello, Tom
Individual Massino, Laura
Individual McCraw, Joan
Individual McNary, Jamie
Individual Parker, Mitchell
Individual Ramos, Joe
Individual Regnier, Victor
Individual Richardson, Dan
Individual Rogers, Nicholas
Individual Scherb, Victor
Individual Scherb-Clift, Marie
Individual Shaw, Don
Individual Sonderegger, Marion
Individual Sylvester, Michael
Individual Taylor, Julie
Individual Tomilson, Dorothy
Individual Tong, Josie
Lifetime Burchill, Philip
Lifetime Davis, Stephen
Lifetime Rawling, Zach
Lifetime Verbieser, Shanna
Lifetime Zanzi, James
Patron Alexander, Grace
Patron Allen, Gary
Patron Arahuete, Helena
Patron Ardley, Colin
Patron Bogart, Paul
Patron Bonitz, Jeff
Patron Caldwell, John
Patron Denkers, Stephen
Patron Diener, Gary
Patron Dunn, Cary
Patron Englender, Jonathan
Patron Foster, Richard
Patron Grosseloser-Gerlitz, Bjoern
Patron Ho, Eric
Patron Jones, Paula
Patron Jones, Paula
Patron Lautner, Judith
Patron Lautner, Karol
Patron Love, Anna
Patron Miller, Matthew
Patron Miller, Matthew
Patron Miller, Matthew
Patron Palmer-Lacy, Jennifer
Patron Peterson, Karol Lautner
Patron Proudfoot, Euan
Patron Rodman, Howard
Patron Saariste, Tycho
Patron Santos, Allen
Patron Schoeffler, Douglas
Patron Taylor, Julie
Patron Thompson, A.
Patron Todd, Kathryn Doi
Patron Troop, Cynthia and Richard
Student Denisiuk, Greg
Student D’Souza, Natasha
Student Freireich, Halli
Student Harmon, Randall
Student Kemppainen, Lydia
Student Scurlock, Hilary
Student Thomas, Emmett
Student Wolf, Luzia
Student Xu, Jenny

3 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. I am a Los Angeles-based architect and I am interested to joining your membership at the individual level. Do you have an online form for membership payment? If not, please advise on preferred payment methods to join. Thank you!

  2. John Lautner was my favorite architect because he was not only an artist, he custom built for the people and their quality of life. I would love to visit some of his homes in person someday.

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