Warren Lawson remembers John Lautner

Warren worked for John Lautner from July 1976 until March 1980, during which time he worked on the Segel, Rawlins, Schwimmer, Beyer, Payne and Popeil residences. Warren’s random memories:

Random memories:
-driving through smog filled L.A. from San Diego, where I was living, to interview with John for work and noticing the contrast between him and his little island of creative energy and the mess of noise and bad air outside; I remember noticing the humor surrounding him, his laugh and that curious skull hanging on the wall behind him, mocking his bald head; I didn’t have much to show him, but he responded well to my handmade leather portfolio…I guess it was enough.
-His truly amazing ability to come up with something totally different, ingenious, and appropriate. It continues to inspire me.
-His disdain for drafting.
-His method of conceptualizing – sitting for long stretches, zen-like; his concept/idea sketches flowing from that soft pencil in his big hand; those pieces of paper, tape, erasers, whatever, that he would play with in search of that roof he was looking for.
-Some of the amazingly gifted craftsmen/builders: Vern Boone and his right hand man, Stan who built the Segel house; Duncan Stewart and Manuel, who built the Rawlins house. They deserve a lion’s share of credit.

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