Roger Bennett remembers John Lautner

Roger Bennett worked for John Lautner for only about a year, around 1980. He was on board, however, for some interesting times. Here he remembers:

Most of the joy of being in the office was the exceptional connect to nature that John was always able to  reveal.  An opening in the deck at the Krause Residence so that one could see the water’s edge, instead of just the broad ocean that most decks present.  An opening in the floor to pick up the cooler breezes below.  Work on the DePortillo residence began when John walked to my desk with some cardboard against a shoebox with some toilet rolls and a some paper plates cut in half lying on top. “This is the basic idea, what do you think?”  “The client wants the most beautiful house in all of L.A.” I was terrified, and in heaven.

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