Movies featuring Lautner buildings

The following list is offered without recommendation, either for or against. Thanks to Roger Reed and Martin Daoust in particular for their help in compiling this list. Please note that this list does not include commercials, as they are too numerous and change too quickly to keep track.

If you know of other films using Lautner buildings, please write.

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Music Videos:

Sheats-Goldstein) “We’ve Got Love”
2015, Def Jam Recordings
YouTube version (Thank you Cynthia Peoples for telling us about this one)

Snoop Dogg
(Sheats-Goldstein) “Let’s Get Blown” (preview clip)
shot Nov 04, released Feb 2005

To view the full video register (free!) and view it here:

Tracie Spencer
(Sheats-Goldstein) “It’s All About You (Not About Me)”, directed by Francis Lawrence in 1999.
See the youtube copy here:


Digilis (released 2015)

Short sci-fi adventure, written and directed by Peter Rox. (Sheats-Goldstein residence, Goldstein office)
Good views of Sheats-Goldstein bedroom, parts of living-pool area, entrance, James Turrell space, Goldstein office. See film and info on creators.

A Single Man (2009)

Colin Firth, directed by Tom Ford (Schaffer residence)
Excellent views of interior of residence. Minimal modifications to house. See info on film.

Happy Endings (2005)
Lisa Kudrow, Tom Arnold (Schaffer residence)

Charlie’s Angels part II: Full Throttle
Used Sheats-Goldstein residence.
Info on the filming:

Bandits (2001)
Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Slayton
A series of flashbacks intercut with an interview with a real-life crime show host (Bobby Slayton), conducted by bandits in the host’s home (Sheats-Goldstein residence).

Charlie’s Angels: first film
Not really a Lautner building, but the villain’s pad is modeled after the “chemosphere” (Malin residence). The filmmakers obtained permission from the Foundation to create a home based on Lautner buildings. The home in the film appears to be about twice, or more, the size of the original.

Information on the set:

The Big Lebowski
Sheats-Goldstein Residence
Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, star: Bridges as slacker mistaken for rich dude involved in big crime

Possessions (1997)
Directed by Andrew Blake
Sheats-Goldstein residence
ADULT film

Body Double
Malin house (“chemosphere”)
Murder viewed by a voyeur in the “spaceship” house

Diamonds are Forever
Starring Sean Connery as James Bond
Elrod House
Bambi and Thumper bounce on Bond in this house.

Less than Zero
starring Robert Downey jr
Silvertop (Reiner/Burchill residence)
Story of drug addiction among the youthful rich of Beverly Hills

Lethal Weapon 2
Starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover
” Rainbow house”
Gibson blows up a full-scale mockup of this house

Playing God
Starring David Duchovny
Sheats-Goldstein residence makes guest appearances

Starring James Garner, Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, Susan Sarandon
Jacobsen house (Thanks, Martin Daoust, for discovering which house)
Senior citizen sleuth works to solve mystery; confronts his own life.

directed by Andrew Blake
Sheats/Goldstein residence
CAUTION: adult film

Outer Limits
Second season: The Duplicate Man
Starring Ron Randell as Henderson James
“Chemosphere” (Malin house) is residence of scientist who assists James in stealing alien creature, the “Megasoid”. We view the chemosphere from the outside and below, and see James ride up the lift, but a set is used for the inside that in no way resembles the actual interior.

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