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Italian Photographer of Sheats-Goldstein Featured in LA Times

Today’s Los Angeles Times features an article on Luisa Lambri, Italian photographer who tries to evoke a sense of “being there” in her photographs of buildings. The article discusses how she works, what she has done, and notes that most of her pictures of the Sheats-Goldstein residence are of the sky and perhaps a few lines of the building.

Read the article in this pdf version.

Leland Lee Photographs on Display in Palm Springs

Leland Lee, architectural photographer who photographed several Lautner buildings during his career, will be honored by a special reception at the Michael Lord Gallery in Palm Springs February 18. An exhibit of his photographs is on view there from February 12 through March 12, 2010.

Lee considers his time photographing the Elrod house a peak experience in his career. Now in his 90s, he can still be found attending architectural events and playing card games with a friend who owns a Lautner house.

The Michael Lord Gallery is at 1090 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs.

Article on Leland Lee Features Elrod Photographs

CA-Modern, a magazine that partners with the Los Angeles Conservancy, is featuring a photograph of the Elrod residence taken by architectural photographer Leland Lee many years ago. The article is about Lee and the tragic loss of most of Lee’s negatives and other photographic materials in a flood in the 1980s, and the loss of the remaining materials in a fire in 2002. Lee, now 91, is trying to resurrect his archive. Additional photographs of Lee and of the Elrod house are included in the article.

See the article in CA-Modern in a flip-book version online (requires Flash). Scroll down this page from the LA Conservancy to find the Elrod photograph and link to the flip-book.

Martha Stewart Visits Elrod Residence

In the October 2009 edition of Martha Stewart Living is a mention of Lautner’s Elrod residence:

The Elrod house(1968), my favorite, was designed by John Lautner, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. A soaring poured-concrete ceiling punctuated with glass, took my breath away and the views from the retractable windows captured the landscape.

Find it on page 25, along with a nice photograph of the Elrod living room.

A blast from the chemosphere past

Trusty researcher John Crosse has unearthed a little column from the deep, dark past. In this column, printed in the Los Angeles Times in 1960, columnist Fred Beck ruminates on possible uses for the chemosphere “concept”, and includes a sketch at the top of the column.

We don’t think he fully grasps the actual reason for the design but he’s right that the design has potential to be used in other difficult situations.

Download the column. It’s squeezed on the right side of the page, amid the ads that have some interest in themselves (look at the prices!).

Update: Swiss magazine focuses on Schwimmer residence

[update 03/26/09: added link to English translation]

[update 02/24/09: magazine is actually Swiss]

[update 02/05/09: article is actually on JL although pix are of Schwimmer]

The Swiss magazine IdealesHeim published an extensive article featuring Lautner’s Schwimmer residence in its March issue. The article itself is on John Lautner generally, based on interviews with Frank Escher, but all of the photographs are of the Schwimmer residence. The magazine is generally not available in the United States, but the photographer, Patricia Parinejad, has obtained a pdf version for us.

The 13-page article is available in portable document format (pdf), on request. Write to lautner (at) johnlautner (dot) org for your copy. Because readers in Switzerland should be able to purchase the magazine, we will attempt to weed out requests from that country.

Download an English translation of the article (no pictures included). Please note that “Seite” means “Page”. Translation by Naomi Schenck and Schenck Workshops, Berlin Germany. Naomi is a set designer, working on projects throughout Europe and inspired by the work of Lautner.

Pensacola’s forgotten treasure: the round house

John Lautner designed a house for his cousin Ernest Lautner and Ernest’s wife Mildred in 1958. Ernest was a builder by trade and Pensacola wasn’t exactly next door to John Lautner’s office, so John left the construction entirely in the hands of his cousin.

From Lautner Residence, Pensacola

photo by Tycho Saariste

Little has been written about this remarkable house, which is in near-mint condition today. If you ask neighbors where is the “round house” it’s likely they won’t even know. Just to whet the appetite of Lautner fans we offer this little glimpse of the early days of the round house: a blog entry by the University of West Florida Libraries. The photographs in the short article are from an article in the Pensacola News Journal that was printed in November, 1958.

Stephen Lautner, grandson of Ernest, the original client, now cares for the round house. Part of his self-driven mission is to track down everything that has been written on it. He recently offered a tour of the house to a group of about a dozen, including Special Collections Librarian Dean DeBolt of The University of West Florida. DeBolt offhandedly handed Stephen a printed copy of the above article.

A few weeks later a friend of Stephen’s noted that he had seen his house on-line. According to Stephen,

After grilling him I realized the article Mr. DeBolt had given me was a printed copy of an on-line article he published of the Round House back in November 2008. …What’s interesting about his on-line article is it was wirtten 50-years and eighteen days after the original paper article ran. While the original article is not re-produced in Mr. DeBolt’s on-line article, the original photographs (in digital form) are included. You can even see a hint of Nanny’s organ and Gramp’s original Wright-inspired sofa.

Stephen gives credit to architectural historian Bill Scott for the leads he has been following. A longer article on the building of this remarkable house is to follow in the coming weeks.

Wolff house featured in 2007 magazine

California Home + Design, Sept 2007, features an article on Lautner’s Wolff house in Hollywood, built in 1961 (guest wing, also by Lautner, added in 1963). The article focuses on Michael LaFetra, who had just purchased the house (it now has a different owner), and the interior designer he has used on several of his homes, Kristin Kilmer.

Please send an email to us and we’ll send the article (pdf) to you.

What are they saying?

Updated 8/22/08- added pdf version of “Visionary Design” – from United Airlines’ in-flight magazine

The following publications have published articles on John Lautner’s work, inspired by the Hammer museum exhibit:

“Bonding Humanity and Landscape in a Perfect Circle”
New York Times (July 31, 2008) Art & Design Section
Get the pdf version
Review of exhibit and Lautner’s work, with photographs

“A California Cult Classic”
The Supermelon (July 28, 2008)
Short blurb on Lautner and exhibit, with pictures

“Beyond Flash and Fantasy”
CA Modern (Summer 2008) 6-11 (article not available online; can purchase copies of magazine)
Article on Lautner and exhibit

“A Little Piece of Heaven”
Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter News (July August 2008)
Overview of exhibit and related events and books

“Structuring the Sublime”
art ltd. (July/Aug 2008), 41-45
On Lautner’s works in general, incl. interviews with Escher and Olsberg, many pictures

“In the Sky with Diamonds”
Culture + Travel (July/Aug 2008)
Short blurb on exhibit

“City of Angles”
Angeleno magazine (July 2008) p 62+
Article on exhibit; several pictures – download pdf version

“Open House”
WWD.COM (July 14, 2008)
Overview of Lautner and his works, featuring a few quotations from Lautner home owners

“John Lautner, at a remove”
Los Angeles Times (July 14, 2008) architecture review by Christopher Hawthorne
Review of exhibit

“Living in Houses Fit for a Museum”
The New York Times (July 13, 2008) Business Section
Brief blurb on exhibit

“Keeping his eye on earth and sky”
Los Angeles Times (July 13, 2008) Arts & Culture Section
Profile of John Lautner, substantial, with photos

The Week Ahead: July 13-19
The New York Times (July 13, 2008) Arts Section
Short overview of Lautner and the exhibit

“Seeing Things: John Lautner’s Architecture”
The Moment (July 10, 2008)
Short overview of Lautner and exhibit. Seeing Things is biweekly column by curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

“The Architecture of John Lautner”
I.D. (The International Design Magazine) (July 8, 2008)
Short sketch of exhibit, with photographs and a drawing

“The Hammer Explores an Architectural Innovator”
BIZBASH Los Angeles (July 8, 2008)
Short blurb on exhibit

“John Lautner: California Peyzajinda”
Arredamento Mimarlik (2008/06)
Turkish architectural magazine – lengthy article with pictures, written in Turkish

“Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena — John Lautner’s architectural heirs”
Los Angeles Times (July 6, 2008) Home & Garden Section
Lengthy article on architectural team of Escher and GuneWardena and their work’s relationship to the work of John Lautner

“The Lautner Club”
944 magazine (issue 7.7 Los Angeles, July 2008), 112-113
Short overview of Lautner and exhibit with references to film and quotations from owners

“A View to Kill For”
Modern Painters (July/August 2008)
Lengthy analysis of films featuring Lautner buildings, reference to exhibit, by Jon Yoder (UCLA doctoral candidate completing thesis on Lautner buildings)

“Outer Space”
Elle Decor (July/August 2008) design dossier
Brief blurb on exhibit

“Living in Lautner”
Departures Magazine (May/June 2008)
Short article on Lautner, with quotations from home owners

“Visionary Design”
United Hemispheres magazine (flight magazine) (July 2008) p 25
Short blurb on exhibit: see pdf version.

“Building Momentum: Looking twice at an iconic L.A. architect”
Los Angeles magazine (July 2008) p 22
Short take on exhibit

“In the modern world”
Dwell (July/August 2008) p 60
Short article on exhibit and Lautner, incl. photos and drawings

“L.A. Dreamer”
Fulcrum (Metropolitan Home supplement) (June 2008) p 14
On the exhibit and Lautner, with drawings and photo of chemosphere

“See” (part of “word”, a travel section)
Metropolitan Home (July/August 2008) p 34
Blurb on exhibit

“The Skywriter from L.A.”
Town & Country (July 2008)
Blurb on exhibit

“From Spacey to Serious”
UCLA Magazine (July 2008)
Article on Lautner and the exhibit, featuring quotations from the curators

“Bucky’s Very Large Dome”
Newsweek (June 30, 2008) 48-50
Article on Buckminster Fuller with reference to Lautner and exhibit

“Visions of Time and Space”
Robb Report (June 24, 2008)
Short blurb on exhibit and Lautner

“Diamonds are forever”
Interior Design magazine (June 2008) 178-180
Article with several photographs on Lautner and exhibit

“Built to Thrill”
ForbesLife (June 2008) p 33
Short blurb on exhibit

“Inside/Out” and “Lautner Unlimited”
C magazine (June/July 2008) 84-97+
Article on James Goldstein and Sheats-Goldstein residence, with follow-up article on Lautner and exhibit. Many photographs.

“Now Viewing: John Lautner”
E (The New York Times Style Magazine) Design & Living Spring 2008 p 26
Short blurb on exhibit

“Previews Los Angeles: John Lautner”
Artforum (May 2008) p 172
Short blurb on upcoming exhibit

“John Lautner designs take the spotlight”
Los Angeles Times (May 4, 2008) Homes of the Week
Article on Schaffer residence, which is for sale

“John Lautner”
Architectural Digest (May 2008) p 284
Short blurb on John Lautner against photo of Acapulco house

“Tinkering with History”
The Architect’s Newspaper (April 30, 2008)
Article on renovations of significant architectural buildings by various architects. Lautner homes discussed are chemosphere (Malin residence) and “rainbow house” (Garcia residence).

“Just Like Heaven” [Link no longer works]
Men.Style.Com (Online version of Details and GQ)
Blurb on Lautner and exhibit; includes 5-picture slide show

“Restored: John Lautner’s Harpel house” aka “Lautner, lost and found”
Los Angeles Times (April 10, 2008)
Article on Mark Haddawy’s recent restoration of the Harpel house in Hollywood.

“John Lautner’s spirit of invention”
Los Angeles Times (April 10, 2008),1,1684503.photogallery
Article on Lautner and exhibit, with photo gallery (online)

“John Lautner’s building timeline”
Los Angeles Times (April 10, 2008)
Short list of significant dates in Lautner’s life

“View to Kill (For)”
The Men’s Book (Spring-Summer 2008) p 17
Blurb on exhibit

“John Lautner: Dissolving the Confines”
Modernism magazine (Spring 2008) 54-62
Lengthy article on Lautner by Nicholas Olsberg. Includes several photos and drawings (requires free subscription to view)

“More best bets” (section)
UCLA Magazine (April 2008)
Blurb on exhibit

“The Choice Shows All Around the Country”
The New York Times (March 12, 2008) Arts Section
List of gallery shows, including Hammer exhibit

“Master of Modernism”
art ltd. (January 2008) 28-32
Article on Julius Shulman, including references to the photographer’s work on Lautner buildings

“Lautner Retrospective @ the Hammer”
Archinect (12/11/07)
Article on exhibit and Lautner

“John Lautner’s Visionary Design Recognized in ‘Overdue’ Exhibit”
The San Diego Union-Tribune (December 2, 2007)
Article on exhibit and Lautner, including quotations by architects and others

“Crib Keeper”
Angeleno (September 2007)
Article on Mark Haddawy and his restoration of the Harpel house in Hollywood

“Safe Houses”
E (The New York Times Style Magazine) 8-9
Article on Michael LaFetra and his efforts to preserve significant architecture

“Their Designs Within Reach”
Los Angeles Time (July 5, 2007) Preservation Section
Article on archives of architects’ work, including particularly Ray Kappe and John Lautner

Thank you especially to Morgan Kroll of the Hammer museum for the packet of article copies.